Clipping Path Services

Attention to detail is essential to the clipping path if lifelike images are to be achieved. You need perfect photo cutouts and clipping paths to entice your customers into buying your products and also draw the attention of your old client and new ones as well. Irrespective of what role images play in your work, Paragon Clipping Path always delivers precise, spotless, and unsullied clipping paths.

We can’t stop emphasizing the importance of creating images with flawlessly drawn clipping paths and hyper-realistic photos that would seem unedited. We pay full attention to details, as perfection is our goal. Awe-inspiring, lifelike images are always the result of our committed attention.

Every clipping path and photo cut out is hand-drawn with the help of the photoshop pen tool, to make sure we take full command and give out clean-finished edges on all images worked on. Our team of professional, dedicated, and skilled photo editors are committed to meeting up to your deadlines and budgets are always achieved as we are dedicated to delivering state of the art clipping path services.
We have experience of several years working with several world-renowned printing, photography, fashion, media, e-commerce, photography, and other creative agencies to provide excellent clipping path services, and we are best known for always delivering skillful and unmatched top-quality clipping paths – Our previous works speak for us.

Why Paragon Clipping Path Stand out Among Others?


The prominence and popularity of every brand can be compromised when no attention is paid to details, and inferior clipping paths services are provided.

As a clipping path service provider with lots of experience and a team of professionals, we deliver top-quality photoshop clipping path services from basic to super complex projects.

We give perfect cutouts that remove the viewers’ mind from distracting background and give their full attention to the image or object.

Unlike the widely use automatic cut out that always comes with flaws, we give a manual clipping path for superior quality. We provide image background removal services that are acceptable and would stand out anywhere it is used.

By replacing, removing, or modifying the existing image based on their requirements, these companies always require fast delivery of the product images. Most of these companies are usually too preoccupied that they do not have time to edit their pictures, they hire image services of image manipulation professionals like us give them the best quality in a short time and friendly price.


We are always available, and our team of experts is ready to work round the clock to meet up with your demand, our customer service 24/7, and friendly. We have an adequate number of professionals waiting to handle expertly and swiftly deliver projects on time.


Our prices are affordable, and our clipping services are top-class. We don’t allow the number of services to affect its quality, and that has built an excellent reputation for us. Irrespective of the number of images you have, be rest assured that you won’t break the bank to enjoy our clipping path service.

What is Clipping Path?

A clipping path (also known as photo cut out and closed vector path) is an elementary image editing service that is achieved by making a closed vector path or an outline around the main object in the image to remove the object from its original background to a more desirable one. A defined portion is isolated from the whole photo with the aim of changing its initial background.

These backgrounds are removed to focus the attention of your audience on the object or image and appreciate the beauty of it instead of being distracted by the background.

In photo editing techniques, clipping path service is an essential step used in giving the desired share of an object.

When is Clipping Path Necessary?

It is recommended you use a clipping path when you want to create an original and natural-looking image. According to statistics, people interact better with products and websites that have well-detailed photos, so it’s essential to work with people that create a perfect clipping path on images.

Clipping paths are used to enhance images, and further convince your potential clients to buy and interact with your products.

The best tool to use for the clipping path in Photoshop and clipping path is also needed for shadow manipulation.

When is Clipping Path not Recommended?

If your images contain furry edges (e.g., a hairy cat, a quill, or a fuzzy bear), splashes of water, or hair, using a clipping path is not recommended. You shouldn’t be clipping path technique on transparent objects as well (Glass).

Why Choose Clipping Path Technique?

There are several techniques in photoshop that can be used to isolate background or create a transparent background of an object like extract filter, quick mask, magic wand, and so on. All of these techniques would not give the desired and widely accepted outlook that is recommended by top e-commerce companies like Amazon and eBay. One of the best methods in the Clipping path in terms of background is changing, and it can give the shapes as desired by the image editor. This method is straightforward, quick, and efficient use by all experts for clipping path services. A specific part of an image might need color correction; in this situation, more than one clipping path will be required with accuracy.

For Photoshop Color Correction, we have numerous well trained professional graphic designers who are dedicated to providing their best effort. We are available every day 24/7 of the year, including holidays, to offer you the best services possible.

The functions and editing capabilities of the clipping path cannot be described in a few sentences, and it meets up with modern-day photo editing requirements.

Our Clipping Path Photoshop Pricing

Application of Clipping Path Services

Clipping path is extensively used in the following photo editing sections:

  • Isolation and drawing out the background image.
  • Masking out / hiding background for catalog design
  • Ensure the transparency of the image background
  • Multiple clipping paths of an object for color correction purpose
  • Editing a specified part and modifying the shape of an object
  • Special effect: make text and wrap images
  • A mandatory step for several other image editing services, e.g., shadow creation and photo retouching services.

A clipping path can be categorized based on the procedure needed and how complicated the image is. A professional clipping path service provider, we have classified this into four main categories to help you determine the kind of service you should expect.
No matter the category, your images are kept private, as we are a team of trustworthy, reliable, and fully dedicated professional clipping service providers who will always give you unmatched quality at a fantastic price.

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Basic / Simple Clipping Path:

Primary Clipping Path is the necessary but straightforward process of removing the background of an image, and it mostly involves selecting the path of a single solid object. The image usually has a few numbers of curves and anchor points.
Examples of objects in this clipping path category are book, egg, ball, plate, spoon, bottle, etc.

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Medium Clipping Paths:

The product image in this category has multiple curves and holes than the simple clipping path images. Zoom required appropriately into the picture to create the number of anchor points and to entail the fixed transparent holes.

We need this for graphic designers.
Example of objects in this clipping path category: motor parts, wristwatches, shoes, bracelets, etc.

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Complex Clipping Paths: 

A combination of multiple evident closed necessary ways used on the images of complicated figures and designs is the complex clipping path. It is required to pay more attention to the full paths of pictures in this category because there are not solid.

Therefore, the edges of the selected figure need to be precise and smooth. More sophisticated and appropriate detailing is necessary, requiring a large number of anchor points and ways for pictures here usually have more complex paths.

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Multiple Clipping Paths:

Various clipping path is a convenient technique employed during color correction editing (it is similar to the color path) This technique is comprehensively when an image with multiple objects are to be isolated both exclusively and inclusively for the sole purpose of changing the color of each specific object as required.

Most times, customers describe clipping path service as a silhouette (silo), so we will give a breakdown of this to help others understand.
This process involves selecting the specific areas within an image to add a distinctive color effect. The system can be dubbed as a compound path that mixes several colors and paths in a single object for a background drop out and color correction.

Clipping Path Photoshop Services for Ecommerce Photography

All product photos submitted to Amazon or other online stores must meet the special technical specifications. A pure white background is the main demand. Our clipping path service includes all a perfect product images should have – from snow white backdrop to product defects removal.

Clipping Path Services Applied:

• Background removal

• Borders fixing

• Shadows adding

• Shoes retouching

• Defects removing

Why to Choose FixThePhoto Clipping Path


There is a set of reasons why this clipping path service in USA is worth your attention.  Stop watching useless Photoshop clipping path tutorials on YouTube, address our service right now.

  • We are deeply concerned about the quality of clipping path outsource. To be confident that our deliveries meet top quality requirements, we hire only professional stuff and still spend much time for their education and training. The team also includes experienced clipping path service specialists that have numberless examples of clipping path in their portfolios. They can easily cope with the most comprehensive tasks as clipping path around hair.
  • We have easy ways of payments, care a lot about security of your online payments. We accept PayPal for the convenience of our customers. 
  • We guarantee fast transfer of results. Our preference is DropBox, which guarantees fast picture interchanging all over the world. Your folders will be auto synchronized with FixThePhoto system, so we can copy/paste images any time we need it within several seconds. You may also use addition file managers under condition of before-hand agreement. 
  • We work around the clock. That guarantees fast delivery. FixThePhoto tries to complete every order within not more than 2 working days (except bulk orders).
  • We have all possible types of clipping path in combination with additional services. You may ask for multi clipping path, color correction, creative retouching, etc. The biggest advantage is that you deal directly with a retoucher, whose aim is understanding your needs and advising the most appropriate ways out.

The best thing that may convince you to choose exactly this clipping path service company is our portfolio. On the pictures attached below you will see possible variants of creating clipping paths in Photoshop in big resolution.