Drop Shadow Services

We are all well acquainted with the word shadow, and we can generally see a shadow effect behind or beside any inanimate object or creature because of the sun or another source of light. In graphics design, a drop shadow is an effect that used to make artificial shadow to the side or behind an object.

There are several meanings of the word shadow. Most people think dark silhouettes are the only part that used in drop/reflection shadow when sunlight or another source of light shines from the specific position which we see on walls or ground. However, graphic design doesn’t know the reflection light only for getting the source of shadows. Sometimes you need a person or an object to look more realistic in your photo. That’s why drop/reflection shadow used beneath to make them a unique visual appearance.

In photographs, most essential standout editing techniques are photo drop shadow services. When a photographer takes pictures of the normal state without the shadow, some objects look unattractive and unappealing. We can enhance these kinds of image quality by adding the drop/reflection shadow effect. For such objects, photo drop/reflection shadow services are essential.

While adding shadows to an item, Paragon Clipping Path applies several photography editing methods. Such as clean commotions & diversion, background removal (using Image Masking or Clipping Path), modifying and improving the photograph, new distractions, and noises. Apply color correction to bring out the best color, and finally using an ideal shadowing strategy to give the image a natural shape and appearance.

There are several product photographs with a natural shadow that was created by perspective or studio lighting, and Paragon Clipping Path can still retain the natural shadow while removing the unwanted background.

Paragon Clipping Path drop shadow service applies to various media, including e-commerce stores, brochures, websites, product catalogs, printing media, magazine ads, digital media ads, and a lot more industry that requires image modification.

Benefits of Drop Shadow Services at Paragon Clipping Path

Increase Professionalism: Your images must be more professional than your competitors, adding a drop shadow effect would increase how professional your product images are.

Realistic Image: Your images are more practical when a drop shadow effect applied to them. It is technically impossible to make a graphic and eye-catching image without using this process.

More Glossy: Increasing the gloss of an image is essential to determine the quality of that image, thus more glossy, more quality. Drop shadow effect used to increase the glossiness, and graphic editors at Paragon Clipping Path can easily do that.

Increased Detail: Drop shadow effect enhances the detail of an image; this technique can be used on models with poor quality/gloomy photos. Photoshop drop shadow service is the perfect method to use.

Improve Quality: Our Drop shadow services is another way to improve an image in overall quality. If this technique is not applied, the image would seem ordinary. A model with good quality is necessary to do more business and attract more clients.

Web Solution: Drop shadow fixes all the complications attached to show the real beauty of an image on the web. It is necessary, especially with images used in an e-commerce store, because customers get to see the best quality of the product image.


Types of drop shadow services at Paragon Clipping Path

Natural Shadow

Natural shadow is when the imaged is modified to make a visual effect that the object in the image has a cast shadow on its background. Our photo editors choose the best position where the imaginative light is coming from and place the shadow according to that position. This technique makes the object seem like it is sitting on a surface.

In some situations, our natural shadow effect services can fix distorted shadows that are found in any photo. For example, a chair with almost not invisible shadow because of the background, we will remove the background and enhance the shadow to make it more visible.

Drop Shadow Services

Reflection / Floating Shadow

Floating reflections/shadow is another type of shadow effect. It is used when you want to create shadows for objects that appear to be hovering in space, are not on solid ground, or when you have a shadow cast over a hollow place (e.g., a bowl of soup, swimming pool, bucket with water). It is essential to properly do this because reflections and shadows can look unnatural and edited when Paragon Clipping Path is very experienced with this kind of task.

Drop Shadow Services

Drop shadow makes the object seem as though it has been slightly lifted above the ground, and it gives the image a floating effect. This technique is widely utilized by e-commerce stores to showcase their products online, and it provides a faint glow to the object. This effect smoothens the objects and is an effective means used to attract the attention of your old and prospective clients. The detailed features of the purpose are reflected by this effect as the shadow reflects on it.

Original Shadow or Cast Shadow

There are images of objects with natural shadow in them that need editing and creating a different background. In this situation, the naturally occurring shadow can be preserved by using the right level of transparency and opacity. In some instances, you will have to remake the original shadow manually by hand. Photos are beautiful with their natural shadow.

Categories of drop shadow services at Paragon Clipping Path

Basic Shadow

This is a simple shadow effect used beneath the object in the picture. A little bit of shadow darkness that doesn’t necessarily reflect the same image and shape as the object above it. This category is suitable for clients that want a little shadow of their product images.

Drop Shadow

This is an upgrade to the primary shadow effect; it takes the shape of the object above it. The shadow will look like the actual shadow of that object, rather than a scattered black shadow. This is a widely chosen category as it was excellent for adding shadows behind objects and texts; this can also be used for editing existing shadow.

Product Shadow

This is for optimizing the images of products by using photos. Paragon Clipping Path graphic editors will do everything technically possible to ensure your products are outstanding and look more attractive using this technique. This process starts with some drop shadowing, then some other image enhancement techniques such as color and brightness correction.

Complex Shadow

At times, there are complicated photo editing projects that need multiple drop shadows at several different angles. Such images fall into this category.

If you are not sure of the right drop shadow category to pick, we will help you pick that out based on the pictures you send to us.

When to Use Drop Shadow Effect

Your attempts to create these shadows naturally are futile because there are several elements in the environment that will have negative impacts on the photos. It will also cost a lot of money and time to set up the perfect shot that would capture these shadows.

Drop shadow services should only be given to professional photo editors that are appropriately trained with Photoshop and also experienced with drop shadowing. Hiring the drop shadow services of Paragon Clipping Path would save you time and money.

Drop shadow effect is necessary for most images, and you will need to drop shadow services when.

  • You want to make the product more realistic and natural
  • Add new background while retaining the existing shadows
  • Adding context and character to a product photo
  • Add texture and depth to an otherwise flat image
  • Create a uniform and consistent look to your product images for your catalogs, e-commerce stores, or other materials.
  • When you want to make the product stand out from the background, such as a white shirt on a white background, the viable solution is the drop shadow

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Drop Shadow Services

We are aware that every photo has its unique demands, each shadow effect is different, and every brand has different requirements. We do not generalize all projects; we individually examine all photos to find the most suitable effect to use, thus working best to understand and deliver according to your goals and needs. This way, Paragon Clipping Path adds offers shadow effect services that will make your brand and products get more impressions and interactions from clients.

We have edited and given drop shadow effects to lots of photos, so our mastery and experience cannot be questioned. No matter the category of your job, how complex or simple it may seem, how bulky your order is, and the time frame given to complete them, you will get the same quality services offered to all our clients.

Your photos and information shared with us are also kept encrypted; we do not sell your information to third party companies or use them on our mailing list.

We work on four principles.

  • Professionalism
  • Quick Delivery
  • Cost-effective/affordable services
  • Business confidentiality