Image Background Change Service For Photographers

Most online customers find it appealing when they see products on a white background. It can be a cumbersome task for busy e-commerce retailers with lots of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) to get a white background on featured images of all of those products. To save time, they hire a team of professional image background removal services providers to help them save time and also focus more on expanding their business and making sales instead of spending precious hours trying to edit the photos.

Are you a photographer, business owner, or an e-commerce retailer searching for a graphics editing company that can deliver high-quality image background removal services for your products? If you agree, then you are in the right place. Paragon Clipping Path is your number one provider of professional Photoshop background removal service, e-commerce photo editing services such as background removal service, and Clipping path background removal.

You want image background removal of a thousand e-commerce photos or just a single photograph edited for a printed merchandise inventory. Our team of background removal service is always ready to give the best quality results at the fastest possible time and a reasonable price. Paragon Clipping Path is prepared to handle all your photo editing and background removal requirements right now.

Image Background Removal

Image background removal is a technique that is applied to remove unwanted elements from images or to cut out the background of a photo. While publishing photos on e-commerce stores, you must need this image background removal service. It also needs fashion and modeling for brands, advertising, and marketing, providing photography services, publishing on websites, newspaper and magazine printing, etc. In these photography industries, images need to be manipulated or edited correctly by changing the background or replacing, removing that does not compliment the image.


Why Image Background Removal Services Is Important

Having your products displayed on a clean white background is recommended and sometimes required by most major online e-commerce stores like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, and Alibaba. It is essential to know that image background removal services do not end in a white background, and other backgrounds can be added depending on our client’s preferences. Paragon Clipping Path can provide single-color backgrounds that match the aesthetic of your brand, and it also enables us to add a contextual background for seasonal sales (e.g., Halloween and Christmas background), ads, and other creative product photos. Even the littlest details are captured while we do photo background removal because we use manual and hand-drawn clipping paths, thus increasing your product sale by compelling your customers to click the buy button.


Types of Image Background Removal

Initial Background Removal

This image manipulation process involves removing the existing background in a raw image photograph, and the background is cut out of the image, leaving only the desired subject in the picture adequately highlighted.

Our Background Removal Service Pricing

Adding White Background

Paragon Clipping Path offers excellent white background service to enhance the image of you in a more prominent way. This process basically involves background removal and changing it into a white surface, therefore making the subject stand out to the viewers for easy understanding.

Adding Transparent Background

It is another current service being offered by Paragon Clipping Path. The process is to cut out a path around the highlighted portion of the picture, leaving a transparent background, which is an ideal method to stack multiple subject sides by the side to give a collage of various products in one image. Another reason why the transparent background is useful is converting the image into PNG format, and this is handy to use in headshot retouching, portrait, modeling, or magazine for a clear view of the product in between text. This technique is also known as photo masking service.

Adding Custom Background

Removing the background and adding a custom background is a chic way to improve the quality of an image. Imagine a situation where you snapped a photograph that is awesome, but something at the background turns it off, Paragon Clipping Path image background service can easily change the background to any customized background of your choice. This procedure is a great way to impress your friends, business partners, or customers with a well-modified customized background.

Why Choose Paragon Clipping Path?


The prominence and popularity of every brand can be compromised when no attention is paid to details, and inferior image background removal services are provided.

As a background removal service provider with lots of experience and a team of professionals, we deliver top-quality photoshop background removal services from basic to super complex projects.

We give perfect cutouts that remove the viewer’s mind from distracting background and give their full attention to the image or object.

Unlike the widely used automatic image background removal apps that always come with errors, we give manual background removal for superior quality. We provide image background removal services that are acceptable and would stand out anywhere it is used.

These companies always require fast delivery of the product images by replacing, removing, or modifying the existing image based on their requirements. Most of these companies are usually too preoccupied that they do not have time to edit their own photos. They hire image services of image manipulation professionals like Paragon Clipping Path to provide them with the best quality in a short time and friendly price.

Paragon Clipping Path has been working with several popular printing, media, fashion, e-commerce, and photography companies to provide them with the best background removal service that can be found in recent times. We are never short-staffed as we have lots of professionals ready to edit, rotate, enhance, add natural shadows, and color to make your images appealing to your audience.


We are always available, and our team of experts is ready to work round the clock to meet up with your demand, our customer service 24/7, and friendly. We have an adequate number of professionals waiting to handle expertly and swiftly deliver projects on time.


Our prices are affordable, and our services are top-class. We don’t allow the number of services to affect its quality, and that has built an excellent reputation for us. Irrespective of the number of images you have, be assured that you won’t break the bank to enjoy our background removal service.


Our clients are well assured of total privacy, the information (photos, email address, etc.) shared by our clients are kept confidential.

Paragon Clipping Path Categories of Image Background Removal Service

There are several photo editing applications and techniques used for image background removal, but to give the best quality, we use the Photoshop software with manual hand-drawn clipping path and Photoshop masking techniques.

There are several categories of image background removal are they are classified based on their procedures, types of photos, and complexities. To get a better understanding, read through the various categories below:

Basic Shaped Subjects

This category needs Photoshop Services to remove the background of images that requires a single path and have less than six anchor points. Paragon Clipping Path work curved photos that do not have any hole. Our designers work with rectangular, straight, and round too. Examples of products in this category are Plate, phone, ball, Ring, egg, book, spoon, laptop, etc.

Simple Shaped Subjects

In this category, we remove the background of images that have many paths. With Photoshop Services, we also remove fewer curves and anchor points. Examples of products in this category are Ring, chair, shoes, wristwatch, camera, bracelets, earring, t-shirt, headphones, etc.

Medium Shaped Subjects

In this category, we use Photoshop Services to remove the background of images with multiple paths, and several anchor points that need medium-shaped Clipping Paths. Images in this category have many holes and embedded transparency. Examples of products in this category are Motor parts, group of shoes, group of rings, group of wristwatches, group of foods, etc.

Complex Shaped Subjects

To remove the background of images in the complex Clipping Path category, using Photoshop is applied to the picture. Objects in this category need many closed paths because of their elaborate designs, shapes, and many holes (embedded transparency). Examples of products in this category are a group of bracelets, furniture, a group of people, a furry doll, net, jewelry, group images, etc.

Super Complexed Shaped Subjects

Images here are embedded with holes, and they are involved with horizontal or vertical curved designs. Anchor points and closed paths are found in this category. Examples of products in this category are Group photos, fabrics, a group of bracelets, decorative chain, gate, trees, fences, etc.

Additional Tasks Relating to Paragon Clipping Path Background Removal Service

Shadow Making

Creating shadow for various products makes it more realistic, improves the image quality, and beautifies the image. We offer three categories of shadows:

  • Drop Shadow Reflecting / Mirror Shadow
  • Original Shadow

Image Re-sizing and cropping

Almost all e-commerce stores like eBay and Amazon have a specified measurement for every image uploaded to their websites. Paragon Clipping Paths image background removal service provides the specified resizing and cropping measure required by these online market websites.

Product Image retouching Service

If you desire clean spots, product tags, no scratches, pins, and clips, then you should check out our product retouching service. Color correction, contrast, and lighting correction are also included in this service.