Online Background Change Service For Photographers

Removal of the groundwork is a type of manipulation that consists of the removal of the groundwork and enhancing its quality with special adjustments. They are correction of the images’ colors, reducing or adding some shadows, maybe more contrast. This service makes the picture more appealing so our professionals do it very often. Removing the groundwork helps to make an accent the important parts of the image.

This number of actions extensively used by all retouching companies, including online mode and it is popular for the online sales.

Why shooters remove the groundwork online?

Are you an owner of a business n especially private? Or maybe you do some work as a designer and you need some help? Both situations show us situations in which the good look of the pictures is very important. And the background helps to emphasize some places, for example, a loving couple or a still life.

Maybe you are an owner of an online shop. When we are talking about clothes or babies’ toys the image is the most important as it makes an impression on the clients and draws their attention or, on the contrary, disguises them. When the photo’s background is removed, it is much better for stressing out your product, especially if you choose to make the ground work white. Making it transparent is also an available option.

Let us talk about designers’ work. In what are they involved? In creating a magnetizing look as well as retouching companies. They do many different things such as develop various ideas for the websites, create logotypes for all kinds of enterprises, advertise images. All in all, the knowledge of dealing with the background is crucial for many cases where designers have to interfere. So the quality of their services have to be as high as the amount of money and of reputation they plan to acquire.

So, as you can see, the usage of the ground work removal is widespread enough. Everything is concentrated on the customers’ instructions and needs. If you tell our specialists your aim, they will do their best to help you remove or replace your background the way you need it.

Various groundworks are also clipped differently. There is a function of clipping path which makes possible the process of placing a new groundwork instead of the removed one. This service can be applied online as well as other services. Outline which encircles image makes it easier to remove or to hide the background behind any object.


Our clients have this service at their disposal at their earliest convenience. There are a lot of samples of this service on our website so that you could compare old versions of the pictures to the edited ones and to prepare you to make your decisions about the picture post processing. Our editors shall present you several variants of the removed or replaced backgrounds so that you could consider each one. Image editions will be applied strictly according to your demands, wishes and requirements.

Our Background Removal Service Pricing:

What are the criteria of the successful online marketplaces?

If you have ever done shopping online, you must have heard about many different websites such as eBay or Amazon. People who are occupied in this area know that the image is the most important step on the way to making marketing successful. Professional photo shooters have cameras of high quality and they are not afraid to use them so they can take a picture of your product and make it outstanding. Of course you can always use your own equipment to make those photos but are you sure you know how to suit most of the tastes behind the screen? And there is no doubt you use product photo retouching services to enhance the quality even more. Developed marketplaces even provide you instructions for help.

So, as you probably know, eBay and Amazon are websites for online shopping and they are the largest among similar ones. People sell there literally everything: electronic equipment, old items, health care products. But before you will be able to sell something, you have to carry out a website’s instruction.

For example, if you want to upload your image on Amazon, you have to make sure it depicts just your item, preferably with no propping (or maybe a little). And it should be contrast to the background so it has to be white. This object has to be alone on the picture so that no additional thing could confuse your client. It also should take 85% of the image size. Your photo should be presented in high quality. You are able to apply some necessary adjustments like clarity. If we are talking about eBay, the requirements are very similar. But there you have a right to place a watermark on your image but not on a marketing purpose. You have to make sure the picture has no borders or excessive parts.


Online shopping is now available worldwide so people go less to the usual shops. They are used to clicking on images on the screen. If you host a shopping site yourself, you already know, that the picture is basically everything for the customers. Of course text description of the product is important as well because the information placed there is more precise but the look should be magnetizing. And this is why jewelry retouching services, clothes retouch, real estate photo editing and other types of image post processing are so important in that field.

How to obtain an iconic background

Remove your ground work

Perfect groundwork is a noble aim for selling things or promoting something, but it is not easy to achieve. Without the ground work, there is much more focus on the object itself. Removing the background is one of the basic retouch techniques and it is used everywhere. Ordering this service online spares you a lot of time so it is very popular the experienced photo shooters. There are hidden rocks in this process, if, for example, the background on the photograph is vibrant. So soft colors will suit you better if you plan on editing the photo after. But it is only a start for the whole photograph enhancement process.


Do you know what it is? If this term in uncommon for you, then you are going to find out. To mask means to remove an object from its background without changing any other element of the shot. You can always outsource your image if you wish another groundwork. This service is usually applied when the matter is complicated, for instance, hair replacement or removal. It can make your photo more natural. It is often used by graphical designers and other professionals in the art and marketing fields.

Сlipping path

So, this service is popular enough too. If you have a perfect photo though you need to replace of some details or objects in order to place it on a cover of a magazine or use it for advertising. Outlining the object and putting it on the needed groundwork is your answer and your best instrument for this is usually Photoshop.

Things become obviously more complicated when we are talking about the replacement of several objects, but it is still possible. So, it is usually used by those who have catalogues or different advertisements to run. Of course this service can’t always be used alone and mixing it with some others like headshot retouching and other image manipulations makes it more productive.

Reflection & shadows

There are a lot of tricks in the Internet and in the real life that serve as instruments of getting your attention. So, casting a shadow over some product is one of them. Such adjustments can demonstrate that your catalogue is on the higher level than the others. Usually retouchers provide 3 different shadow types: natural one, drop shadow, and reflection shadow. The first option is an easy one and reflection shadows can give you a little glamour effect. Each similar service is available online.

Changing the ground work easily

Many of us don’t always have an opportunity to take a photo of an object with a perfectly white background. This is why we do so called cleaning. The techniques of cleaning background consist of the removal of all unnecessary details and keeping just the object. All it can be done online at your will. Then the retoucher provides an enhancement of your product and changes the ground work from yours one to white or transparent. So this service is really important if you count on improving your item’s look and selling it.

Of course the whole process can take hours but you don’t have to waste your time. We offer you outsource photo retouching and the skillful hands of the experienced editors. Besides the removal of the ground work, you can also get other services as post processing services for photographers, wedding post processing, old photo restoration services etc. Professional portrait editing and all the other services you can only imagine are waiting for you with us. So do not miss your chance of using our cheap photo editing with the result of the highest level. All the necessary information you can find and study in our blog. There are also many advices for the photo shooters. Turn to us if you want your life to become easier and more pleasant in the photo field.