Image masking has several types of uses in the photo editing and image manipulation industry. Some use it for advanced editing such as background removal, and others use it for clipping soft edges of images like furry clothes, human hair, dolls, quills, etc. 

With the clipping path technique, image masking technique used by the combination in replacing or removing the image background.

The main difference is that the Clipping Path technique is used for hard edges while Masking method used for soft or furry edges. In circumstances where it seems impossible to accurately grab more details while editing photos with the Clipping Path technique, editors use the photo Masking technique to isolate the object from the background entirely.

Paragon Clipping Path uses masking method on objects or products that have the almost similar color background to that of the object color, and it is used to detach the object from the background with natural soft edges. Using this method, photo editors can effortlessly blend the soft and hard areas; the accuracy of the result depends on the size of the airbrush used and sketching pressure applied.

What is Image Masking

Image masking is useful in removing the background of images that have subjects with furs or hairs, and this is an advanced Photoshop technique and skills essential for soft image editing.

Precise image masking needs lots of patience, time, experience, and skills accounted for each strand of hair or fur. Although this technique is labour intensive, it is worth the effort when the finished image is displayed.

Who Needs Image Masking Services?

If you want to remove any image backgroud that has fur or hair, our advanced image masking services will give you more clean and accurate results than clipping path.

This task is very tedious to perform, especially from several batches of images. Also, lots of attention to the job is essential if you want your result to look very realistic and convince customers to purchase the product.

Image masking is also needed who is doing photography as it allows them to remove all distractions and isolate the product from the frame

It is also handy in making a consistent, and uniform photos for your brand and clients irrespective of if it is printed or digital.

It does not matter if your images are in batch or only a single copy, Paragon Clipping Path professional image masking services can achieve your business goals of getting high-value clients.

When to Use Image Masking

You will require image masking service when:

  • You have an image or images that have a fuzzy background
  • You want to meet up with the requirements of e-commerce stores such as eBay, Alibaba, and Amazon
  • Editing the background of images with transparent subjects such as bottle, or a clear drinking glass.
When Not to Use Image Masking
  • When your image has sharp edges (clipping path technique recommended)
  • When your background and subject in the picture have the same or almost the same color.

Image Masking at Paragon Clipping Path

It is no doubt that no matter how identical two images are, they must be some atom of difference in them, no two images are the same. Putting that into consideration, that’s why we cautiously examine every photo find the best editing approach to apply. More often than usual, the use of more than one tool and technique is required by high-quality images. At Paragon Clipping Path, we combine various approaches including the color separation, background eraser tool, hand-drawn clipping paths, channel mask, to give our clients the best photo as a finished work. Before declaring a project complete, we ensure every minor detail captured and every edge is smooth and sharp.

After examining your image and requirements, we ensure the most editor in our team handles the project to give you the best standards accepted worldwide.

We give you professionally edited images that would keep your clients and prospective customers happy. All these would be done at an affordable price and fastest possible time to help you meet up with your deadlines.

Unlike several image masking service providers out there, others who use an automated process. That delivers poor results and belittled the credibility of your brand. At Paragon Clipping Path, we are well trained to get that extra perfection that cannot be found in automated image masking process and software.

In today’s world, perfection is key to the survival and thriving of any business, so our clients are never disappointed with our image masking service. It is our pride to give quality finished products irrespective of the number of images you bring.


Categories of Image Masking Service

Layer Masking

Superior quality manual Photoshopping done by hand. The masks are directly applied to Layer using refined and soft edges with pen tablet to precisely highlight the edges. It is used to highlight, remove background and isolate the object.

The image editor only needs to highlight the required region, select it and use it when needed. The editor has total freedom to work magic on the image.

The main advantage of using Layer Masking changes made can be undone when necessary. Permanent modifications made to an image can be effortlessly taken back to its initial state.


Hair and Fur Masking

It is used to separate subjects with furs and hairs from the background. A pen tablet is used for soft edges to make the objects look more natural, brightness, color, contrast, and exposure correction are applied when necessary.

Alpha Channel Masking

Images with a single-colored background are perfect for this type of photo masking. The object is separated from the background and save as an Alpha Channel later to edit its exposure, contrast, and brightness. For easy uploading and downloading, the file size is very light.

The main of using Alpha Channel Masking is that the image editor would be in charge of selecting a particular color tone and apply a mask based on that tone. This is very useful in circumstances where there are similarly looking color or unclear colors. For example, selecting smoke in an image would be quickly done using the Alpha Channel Mask.

Translucent Object Masking

Translucent objects with 5% – 100% opacity like frosted glass & paper, sunglasses, plastic bottle, fabric materials like bridal veil & muslin, get this category of service. The images are fuzzy to identify because a little amount of light passes through the objects.

Transparent Object Masking

Transparent objects that allow light pass through then, and with 0% – 5% opacity like water, glass bottle, regular spectacles, car glass, get this service. This type of masking is applied to make visible background and color, and also retain transparency through the object. It is also ideal when you want to use your subject in a different background.

Clients often opt for this when they need to select a product or person without the background.

Refine Edge Masking

A quick selection tool in Photoshop is used to select the image to give images a more natural look, Layer Mask and Refine Radius tool is used to make the soft edge. Images of objects like a blanket, furry doll, hair, fabrics, fur, animals, tree, etc. are made more realistic.

Object Masking

Part of an image that is not suitable is selected using the quick selection tool and layer mask is used to remove the selected element by applying to mask. This type of masking is convenient for eliminating errors and deformation of images.

Color Masking

This method allows the image editor to manage the masking of adjustment brushwork and gradient based on the color range of the image. Color masking gives excellent control of updating the number of pixels on the screen.

Why Choose Paragon Clipping Path Image Masking service

Guaranteed Quality: Paragon Clipping Path has a team of dedicated and professional graphic designers that always deliver the best result. We have several years of experience by working on several projects with top companies around the world.

Security: We fully respect the confidentiality of our clients; all information (Photos, Email, transactions) shared between our clients and us are kept private. We never sell out our client’s information to any third-party companies.

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